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Who We Are...

Integrity Voice is a locally owned and operated telecommunications company providing business telephone solutions to Shreveport, Bossier City and the surrounding area.

We are a company whose mission is to provide you with the best telecommunications solution for your business!

In order to accomplish that important mission, we have a team of highly trained and certified professionals with years of expertise in the telecommunications industry. They have been through most of the toughest and demanding projects. Working with different equipment, technologies and standards.

We are committed to help you find the best product for your needs; based on features, affordability and our experience.

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Yealink Desk Phones

Integrity Voice offers several Yealink models, which come pre-configured for your account and are fully recommended and supported by Integrity Voice.

Bring the power of your PBX to mobile devices

and desktops

Give users an easy-to-use interface to interact with the PBX with cross-platform mobile and desktop softphones. The keypad screen offers easy access to make a call, check voicemail, view contacts, send and receive SMS text messages, and more. Full mobile compatibility makes receiving calls just like using your mobile phone—incoming voice and video calls appear on the device lock screen just like cellular calls. With zero-touch configuration, all you need to do is log in with your PBX portal credentials—all the features you are accustomed to will be pre-configured and ready for you.

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Key features

› Desktop, mobile, and browser-based solutions for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS

› Sync contacts between mobile devices and the PBX

› Real-time presence shows you the current status of other PBX users— available, busy, or offline

› Integrated SMS/MMS allows you to send and receive messages from a business phone line so users don’t need to divulge personal mobile numbers and enables intra-company messaging with any PBX contact

› Desktop apps allow full access to the PBX portal with the ability to control PBX answering rules

› Ability to have multiple devices across a single user seat and get calls across multiple devices

Additional features

We also offer a range of optional add-ons for even more functionality to meet the needs of your business.

  • Contact Center that expands on basic call center functionality to deliver advanced capabilities for a true omni-channel experience—with a clean and intuitive interface.

  • Integrations for 200+ CRMs with click-to-call and contact popups, as well as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams Connector.

  • Business SMS with keyword responders and QR codes, appointment reminders, SMS blast campaigns, and more.

  • Real-time web conferencing that provides web presentation, live multiuser video and audio conferencing, and remote desktop support capabilities.

  • Microsoft Teams Connector that makes connecting to Microsoft Teams simple.

  • Faxing solutions, including HIPAA-compliant virtual fax as well as ATA options.

Give us a call today. We would love to hear how we can help.

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